We understand that clients demand outstanding long-run returns. We believe that our core set of values ideally integrates with within our investment skeleton. We have developed what we call our Gravitational Framework because it focuses on understanding the three most critical forces, or gravities, that impact the direction of asset prices: fundamental, quantitative and humaness.

Our Gravitational Investment Framework is an enduring and repeatable approach that has been tested through various market and business cycles. While it is intuitive and easy to understand, in practice, in our opinion, it requires a high degree of discrimination and patience. 

This framework uniquely deciphers the dynamics of the global economy and financial markets allowing us to unearth opportunities that traditional approaches miss.

Most asset management firms focus their attention on just one aspect of financial markets. 

Our firm is diligently focused on understanding how each of these thee gravities, individually and collectively, influence asset prices around the globe. 

This type of original and critical thinking continues to set Whaley Capital Group apart from its competitors.